Dead Panasonice TV!

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JB | 11:31 Tue 30th Aug 2005 | How it Works
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I bought a Panasonic Widescreen TV 18 months ago and it died yesterday - picture gone, sound gone - dead! Its still getting power though (as the standby light does come on)

Anyway, its no longer under guarantee (12 months) and Panasonic aren't interested. I paid over �1300 for the telly - surely I should reasonably expect more use out of it than this? Or am I completely mad?

I've got an engineer coming tomorrow to (hopefully) fix it, but does anyone have any ideas where I stand re the Sale of Goods Act?



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I'm sorry to say JB if the warranty is up thats it.

We have had this problem so many times over the years that now we rent the TV and DVD recorder, it doesn't work out cheaper but at least you have the peace of mind that if anything goes wrong (and of course now and again it does) it's only a phone call to get it put right at no cost.

Perhaps it may be a small low- cost problem. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you.

JB I wouldn't give up just yet, as far as I can recall there is a section of your statutory rights which says that you have up to six years to discover a fault and obtain recompense.

Found what I was looking for

everything you need to know.

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Thanks for the link Fitzer - have now contacted the Retailer and am waiting to hear back from them.

If I'm expected to replace t.v's at that price every 18 months, its back to the books for me!

Sorry JB but i you read the DTI stuff as above, you will see that you do not have 6 years, but that is the time limit you have to take it to court if it went that far, it actually says 'An item only needs to last as long as it is reasonable to expect it to, taking into account all the factors.', whatever that means, and also that the responsibilty is with the trader (ie where you purchased it from), not the manufacturer, so unless Panasonic where the suppliers, which is unlikely, you should be taking it up with the supplier (ie the shop etc.).
We bought a TV from Asda in the summer of 2000, it too died after 18 months, however we had a 2 year guarantee from Asda, so took it back and got a new one with another 2 year guarantee. After 18 months that one also died, so took that one back and got another one, alo with a 2 year guarantee. This one seems to be okay so far (watch now - it'll die within a week), but at least we'll have had our moneys worth, and absolutely no problem taking them back.

I would suggest that it may be worth taking this up with trading standards. Yes, the sale of goods act says that things should last a reasonable amount of time, but that is a grey area under the law... a reasonable amount of time for a �5 t-shirt to last is different to a �1300 tv. I would argue that 18 months is no where near long enough... however you need to take this up with the retailer that you bought the tv from, not the manufacturer. Hope you get somewhere!

It depends. Did you purchase the item in Scotland or England as the law is different.
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Bought it in England. I sent an e-mail to the shop where I bought it yesterday (couldn't get through on the phone!) and have had an acknowledgement saying that they will get back to me within 24 hours. Fingers crossed!

Have since read a Which? magazine review - they carried out an experiment with the big electrical retailers a couple of years ago - the results were awful! They did draw attention to the fact that its ultimately the court who decides what is reasonable (hopefully won't get that far) but used an example that a �400 tv would be expected to last over two years......I live in hope!

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Dead Panasonice TV!

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