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denis567 | 18:41 Fri 30th May 2014 | How it Works
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I wonder if anyone is familiar with the Worx WA3152 battery?
I need to replace mine.
I have seen some on eBay but they are WA3156.
They look the same but I don't want to spend nearly £60 if they are not compatible.
Thanks in advance


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If you're unsure, email the vendor to check for compatability.
If they cannot tell you, it would be better to avoid them.
The internal construction may be different, or the battery capacity might differ, hence the different part number; either way, check first. Good luck.
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The 'spare parts' section of the UK Worx website seems to be utterly useless.

Looking elsewhere suggests that the WA3152 is compatible with model numbers WG150, WG250, WG540 and WG541 ONLY, whereas the WA3156 is compatible with a different range of models.

It would seem to make more sense to pay around £54 (inc shipping) for a battery that you know will be compatible:

However, in the first instance, it would probably be even more sensible to phone the UK product support helpline to see if a battery can be sourced from within the UK. You probably bought your product from Argos, Amazon, Homebase or B&Q. If so, phone 0845 202 9679. (If you bought from phone 0871 225 5616).
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It is a grass strimmer. Thanks for your advice Chris. I have already emailed Worx but so far no reply
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Worx Nicd Batteries

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