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driverdale1 | 18:43 Mon 15th Aug 2005 | How it Works
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was at the car boot sale last sunday , picked up an innovage speaker/caller id lcd touch panel phone for 4 quid...alas i didnt check for instructions and can i get it set up?..noooooooooooo!!!!!!..anyone help? cheers


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Is it this one?:

Post the full product details (manufacturer, item number etc) which should appear on a label and we might be able to find the instructions on the Internet.

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yep..thats the 1
That site doesn't give the model number etc.  Please post that on here with the full name of the manufacturer.
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the maker is innovage products, there is absolutly no product codes etc on the phone itself..the box does have #1510794(4707) under the bar code no.....thats it..any other details of functions etc ive already me direct  cheers

Sorry, after all this, I don't think I'm going to be able to be of much help.  I have Googled for ages but have not been able to find any site which looks as though they sell replacement manuals.  Have a look here, though; perhaps you could contact them to see if they have any ideas:

Alternatively, if you can find a shop which sells Innovage phones, they might be able to get an instruction book from the importer or from a repair centre.

Good luck!


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I just now found the User Manual for the INNOVAGE
LCD PANEL PHONE!!! Yes, mine came without a manual also. I went on a wild goose chase but finally found it. Email me and I will send you the four files (4 pages) I didn't have a scanner so I took digital pics of it and it's readable. Thanks!

Hi folks,


I have an instruction manual for this beastie - such that it is. The basic guide is:

1/ ensure that it is NOT in hands-free mode. You can check by seeing that a year is at the bottom of the LCD screen. eg 2004

2/ Press the DELETE key to show the LCD in normal view

3/ Press the Set / Save key to enter the setting mode.

4/ Use the updown key to choose what you want to set - eg date or LCD brightness etc.

5/ When you find the function you want - press the set-save key again - and enter the date (or whatever) using the up and down keys. Note: the up / down keys will alter whater field is blinking. To tab onto the next field, press the set/save key again.

6/ Press delete when done to return to normal screen.

The rest is fairly self-explanatory - except the Auto IP functions. All the manual says is: "not applicable in the USA market". That's swell - I'm in Australia.

I hope this helps.


In case you have misplaced your user manual (which happens to most of us!) you can go to this really convenient website and download it free.

It is FREE but ad-supported so help give the owners some support by clicking on the ads. =)
I found a detailed user guide for the Innovage LCD Touch-Panel Phone at You can download it or print it for free. It is even illustrated. Yay!

Scribd: Innovage Operation Manual link : Media URL:
Description: Innovage LCD Touch-Panel Phone - User Guide

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