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SteveD | 10:56 Thu 16th Jan 2014 | How it Works
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My mother-in-law would find it useful to have a telephone in her bedroom. She is not capable of using a cordless phone or a mobile one. Currently, she has two phone outlets, one in her sitting room and another in the kitchen (which is next to the bedroom) each with a phone attached. In order to install a third phone in the bedroom, is it simply necessary to get a two-way adapter for the kitchen phone socket and a length of appropriate cable to run round the skirting into the bedroom? It would never be necessary to use more than one phone at the same time.

Thanks for your help.


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That would do....
Short and sweet, quicker than me!

Yes, but I think you need to make sure your phones don't exceed a 'ren' rating of 10. Ren ratings should be quoted somewhere on the phone labels.
You can get a ready made lead in various lengths such as this:-

I've seen them in 3 to 30 metre lengths.
Is she upstairs? I did this for my mother. It works fine but don't underestimate the length of extension cable you will need...stairs use a lot!
Subject to REN number restrictions, you should be OK. REN won't be a problem for 3 phones provided they are basic no-frills equipment.

For more about REN go to
On a related note

I had one like this for my father when he got beyond a mobile phone

There are programmable buttons for one button dialing and when he got beyond dialing a number he could just push it to call me or my sister etc.
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Thanks to all for the excellent replies. I assume that, when a call is received, all three phones will ring at once?
Yes, all 3 phones will ring at the same time. I have 3 phones that are connected up as you describe, and never had a problem.

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Adding An Extra Telephone

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