Anyone Know What The "brain Dead System For Cutting Grocery Bills By 90%" Is?

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ToraToraTora | 15:54 Thu 14th Nov 2013 | How it Works
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Supermarkets fear him apparently!
Advertised on here. So I don't have to wade through 95 pages of cobblers can someone tell me what the magic trick is please?


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Buy less.
stop buying groceries?
Join the Breatharians.
Stop eating?
Allotment raiding ?
No idea but I am on a mission to empty our freezer, I reckon I have two months worth of meat/main dishes in there. Just add fresh veg, bread, rice or pasta and we are sorted!

My shopping bill should be significantly lower if I stick to my plan!
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looks like I awoke the brains trust, back to sleep guys, keep taking the meds, sorry I asked.
Seriously, a friend of mine used to go round to the back of the supermarkets at night and raid the stuff they were throwing away, much of it was still good, nothing wrong with it. I would not have the cheek to do it myself but his grocery bill was practically nil. He brought eggs round to me and I didn't buy any eggs for a couple of years. If there was one broken or cracked they would throw the whole box away. Disgraceful waste! Unfortunately I moved and lost touch or no doubt I would still be benefiting from his enterprise.
Sorry TTT, what you wanted was someone else to wade through the 95 pages. Apologies for flip reply to a question in a serious topic. :-(
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so is that what it's about then? raiding the bins out back? Thanks starone one for actually having a go at the question.
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No mamy, I hoped that someone may know the con. I can tell you chapter and verse on some scams just by reading a few words, I'd hoped to illicit that kind of knowledge from someone who knew. There is very little new under the sun. Sorry to have troubled your pretty little head.
I think I'll take myself off to the naughty step......
Oh was no trouble (pretty, cooo) - seriously I agree with Starone , to cut back by anything like that amount you would need to forage, both Supermarket throwaways and the wild.
Come to think of it, I put on quite a lot of weight when I lived near him!
Well, you asked for the "brain-dead system" - and Mamya's first answer certainly can lead to that!

It's probably:

1. buy fruit & veg direct from farmers where posisble
2. grow your own
3. steal
4. don't go to supermarkets

It's like to be a convenience/time trade off - i.e. if you work in any kind of way you're not going to have time to pop down to the woods to forage for berries (although, PSA: sloe season is about to hit), trundle down to the stream to catch a perch with your bare hands before digging up wild turnips and heading back to civilization. And then you'll have to cook it.

Must have been all those over-ripe bananas I couldn't eat fast enough!
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Ed the "brain Dead system" is the heading given on the ad on this site, not my terminology.
I expect it is all a con tora, a bit like the ad for coat hangers which turned out to be nails. There are lots of things you can do to reduce your bills. Some supermarkets do early morning mark-downs if you have the energy to get to them on time. Personally, I am too lazy.

I know - I would suggest those answer knew and decided to give the closest to "brain dead" they could offer.

It's almost worth looking to work out what the con is.

You probably only have to buy their book, and supplement, and hat, and then become a member, then a recruiter, and then....
And, of course there is coupon clipping if you have the energy to look through magazines and find them.
Sorry, I can't resist this. Perhaps I should have written a book myself!

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Anyone Know What The "brain Dead System For Cutting Grocery Bills By 90%" Is?

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