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sprayermick | 09:34 Thu 24th Oct 2013 | How it Works
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Further to my question yesterday about selling on ebay, I already have a PayPal account which I use to "pay" for items that I purchase from ebay but will PayPal recognise my account if I sell a few items as a private seller? if so how does ebay know that I have a PayPal account? - please forgive my ignorance but I have never sold on ebay before.


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Paypal will just deduct the monies they charge from your account.
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Yes TWR, but I meant for people "PAYING" me for items I want to sell, will PayPal automatically recognise my account?
Yes it will ( does with me anyway ).
I'm supposing the U.K. e-bay site is similar to the one here in the U.S., in which case, when you log into your account, along the left side will be a series of "tabs"... activity, messages, etc. One of those is simply "Account". Click that and scroll down to "My PayPal Account Information". Within that tab you'll see this:

" What else can you do?"
View and update your PayPal user preferences on eBay.

This is actually a link (as you'll see) to your PayPal preferences page on which you can select "Recieve Payment" (or similar wording), which will set it up for you...

Good Luck!
Yes sprayermick, if you sell something to anyone and they can pay through PayPal, all they need to do is go to their account and pay to your account, which is very likely your email address, unless you tell the buyer otherwise. They then send the money to your account as payment for goods or a gift. The former gives the buyer protection (3.4% fee or 3.9% international) deducted by PayPal and you receive the rest. If sent as a gift, you get the lot, but the sender gets no protection. You have to decide between you which is the better/safer option. It is permissable to add PayPal's fee to the buyer and ask them to pay so you don't lose out, but at the same time you both get PayPal's protection.
Sorry, I forgot to add the 20p to the 3.4% PayPal charge.

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