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Tilly2 | 08:51 Sat 07th Sep 2013 | How it Works
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How can I download photos from my Canon 300 D camera so that they go into 'Pictures'?

I have been using Adobe Photoshop but they take ages to download.
Before I changed my laptop for a Windows 7, I was able to download them really quickly and delete them via the computer but I can't remember what to do. I have the appropriate drivers for the camera.


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Are you taking the card out of the camera and slotting it into the laptop? If so, you can go to the appropriate drive letter ('D' or 'L' or whatever the slot is called) click on it and copy them to wherever you like.
Firstly, slot your SD card into the computer, or attach lead from camera to USB port.

Secondly, ignore the import prompt and cancel it.

Thirdly, open 'my pictures' and minimise to half screen size.

Fourthly, open external hard drive in 'my computer'

Lastly, open pictures, highlight and drag across to 'my pictures'

Good luck.
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I don't have a card, Zacs. I have a cable that links the camera to the computer.
Yes you do. It will be inside a 'flap' somewhere.
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Thank you BlueToffee. That looks 'Do-able'

How do I minimise the pictures screen to half size?
when you connect your camera and switch it on you should get a dialogue box that gives you the option of opening the files in the camera memory. Do this then highlight the files that you wish to copy by means of the cursor (They should be covered by a pale blue box) then drag and drop to your computer
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Oh, Zacs, I'm sorry. Do you mean the card that you have the pictures on? I thought you meant some memory card or something.
That is the memory card. Yes, that. ;-)
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My laptop doesn't appear to have a slot that the memory card will fit into.
(thank you for your patience!)
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jomifil, when I switch the camera on, nothing happens. I don't get a dialogue box. That's the problem. Do I need to run something from the start button?
Ah yes, your camera uses a compact flash card which are a bit old-hat. What make and model is your laptop?
As others have said, when you connect your camera it should come up on your desktop. You can then click into it and copy the pictures to wherever you like.
If you go into 'my computer' your camera should show up as a 'drive'. Might even be named Canon.
When you connect your camera, the computer will decide it's simply another storage device, like a pen drive or a CD. So Have a look under 'my computer' (start > my computer. Give it a few seconds and you should see something like 'removable storage device' appear in the list of places, alongside 'C drive', 'network places' etc.
If you click on the 'removable device' that is your camera, you will often see two more folders show up, one of which is called DCIM. Click on this folder and you shd see your pix.
The easy way to get them into 'My Pictres' is to copy them all (press at top of your screen 'edit - select all, then edit - copy'
Then click on My Pictures and choose 'edit - paste'
Zac's sugestion should work, with the camera connected and switched on you should find an extra 'drive' in 'my computer'
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Zacs, my laptop is an Acer Aspire. Yes, I agree that the camera is a bit old hat but it does take beautiful pictures.

Thank you all for your help. I shall refer to this when I have some more photos to download. I downloaded them yesterday using my old Adobe CD thing. It took forever.
Ok good luck.
Ps I wasn't criticising your camera, just saying that the memory card was an old format. Virtually all cameras since 2009ish use SD cards.
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That explains my confusion about the CF card and a memory card.
Just to confuse you even more, you could buy a converter which plugs into a USB port which has a CF reader slot User Recommendation
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Thanks again. I'll have a look on the English Amazon site. I don't have $19.95
Seriously, something like that would solve my problem. Much appreciated.

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