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ossian | 23:30 Fri 26th Jul 2013 | How it Works
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I haven't used my Sat Nav, a Garmin nuvi 1490T, for some time now, perhaps 18 months. When I tried to fire it up today appeared that the battery was kaput, not a peep. I have a rota for charging things like a device for starting the car when the battery is flat, DVD etc but the Sat Nav was overlooked. The unit used a Lithium-ion battery. I have tried to charge this device both from the computer and from the car but with no luck. As usual with these things the manual is of no help at all. Is the battery now useless, can it be changed or is the unit knackered? Any advice would be welcome.



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Try holding the start button down for at least 10 seconds - I think that does a reset.

Unlikely to work, but worth a try.

If that doesn't work the battery may have died. 18 months in a depleted state does harm a li-ion battery. If so, google around as there seems to be a wide range of prices.
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Many thanks Hopkirk. Held on/off button down for 20 secs and BINGO the unit springs to life.


I didn't actually expect it to work.

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