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evedawn | 18:14 Thu 30th May 2013 | How it Works
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We have recently installed underfloor heating (under 6 mm marine ply + real oak boards ) and are having one areA only that Is hot hot hot (the rest of the floor is warm ie the temp it ought to be)
The manufacturer says this is because the floor needs 12mm screening but two seperate trades (floor layer specialist and a builder )have said u cannot put 12mm screed under real oak floors. Advice Pls. Also we have exactly the same floor and u dee floor heating in another room and this works fine with no extra hot portions TIA


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Well, the last time I was involved with u/floor heating, we had a real oak floor glued down to a sand & cement screed. Embedded within the screed was the heating pipework. Under all of this was the insulation. A normal way of going about it.

I would stick my neck out and say that your problem is unlikely to be anything to do with that.

U/floor heating runs at quite a low temperature (compared to rads). There should be no high temp. hot spots.

Do you have "zoning" controls on the wall (rather like roomstats) that give you control for different areas? I would suggest the problem lies with the control gear rather than the pipework.

Zone control is quite a specialised area. It really needs someone experienced to take a look at it.
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Thanks for your reply . I should also have mentioned its electric underfloor heating (so not pipes fed by radiator) so once again any further advice will be great
Ah, that's a bit different, Eve.

It all depends on what system you have. For timber floors it's usually a "carbon film" system of heating element.

Can you tell me what you have, and the manufacturer?

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