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DonKiddick | 14:55 Thu 14th Jul 2005 | How it Works
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How can I find the (BT) phone number of someone who is ex-directory?  I have the address so can write but I need to contact them urgently.


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Basically, i'm afraid you can't. Any directory enquiry call line are under absolute strict instructions to never give the number out. They won't even ring them on your behalf to let them know that someone is trying to contact them urgently. It could lead to hoax and cold callers which is possibly why they were ex-d anyway. Unless you have a mutual connection with these people who might be able to help, it looks like the written word will be the only option.
The only hope you have, and this is definitely a long-shot, is to find someone with an old copy of UK Info and hope they maybe had the number on there before going ex-D. As Sweggie says, they are very strict on this one.
It's not only that they won't ring them on your behalf its that they don't have the number shown - all they see on the screen where the numbers are usually shown is X/D and nothing else - this prevents the operators who are suckers for a hard luck story from being fooled into divulging confidential information. Sweggie is right in saying the only way is to get a mutual friend to help or just to stick to pen and paper.
You can contact them same day if you're fast enough, via same day courier.
If the case is urgent enough, the local police (at the other end) might contact them for you.
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OK.  Thanks!  I get the message.  The letter's in the post!

Now a Ex BT Staff Member explanation of XD Numbers.

I used to like working on the xd section of the exchange,mainly because I could get stroppy with customers (not normally allowed).

Now for the BT(still in force) concrete proceedure:~

Calls to XD Numbers are only made if it is a life and death situation, and THEN only from the follwing persons:~



Fire and Rescue


Doctor in Hospital


These persons had to be rung back,or provide some proof of who they were.NEVER and I repeat NEVER would ordinary members of the public be connected.

When we DID connect anyone to an XD number all that appeared on the callers bill was 01797~XXXXXX

I once had to make a call as mystress describes.  The ex-d operator also rang the subscriber for permission to put me through.

Not sure if you realise that there is a difference between not appearing in the written directory (telephone directory) and not listed in the operators directory.


As an example, if you pick up a local directory, you will not find my number. However, if you phone directory enquiries and give my name and address, I am listed and they will give you my number.


This means that I don't get idiots call me at random from the phone book, but if someone needs me urgently, they have a way of contacting me.


When you install a new phone line BT ask you the above question.

A telegram is quick.
hi i'm trying to trace margret currie i think she ex-directory i thnk she lives at 5 mizzan close,beverly high road hull
If you get a private investigator they can on occasions get you the ex-directory number, but remember, because you are ex-directory does not mean that your number is withheld, ex-directory means the name is excluded from the directory ONLY, you have to state that you want the number withheld also
If you want an ex-directory phone number usually a BT engineer will obtain it for you or at least a few years ago this was the case.
Also why if some detective and investigative agencies can find Ex D numbers then why is there no avenue to find them on the net ???
North London
A BT engineer will usually find an Ex D phone number for a fee of course which might cost you in the region of �100 for one number.
They are crooked just as politicians are.
North London
63 marshall avenue bridlington yo15 2dt
i need the phone number of janet evans of 29 granby street devonport plymouth devon
phone number for janet evans 29 granby street devonport plymouth devon
101 bristol road E7 8HG
need phone number for 101 bristol road E7 8HG

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