How do you smoke a cigar?

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Bonzo 2000 | 16:04 Tue 12th Jul 2005 | How it Works
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I have fond memories of my Grandpa smoking a big cigar when he came to visit - the sweet smell of the fresh smoke (although my mum hated it when it was stale next day and the whole house stank).  I'm curious about the ritual of cigar smoking  - what is the clipping of the end all about?  Is it true that you dont actually inhale?  Do you need to wet the end before putting in your mouth to light?  Does it taste as sweet as it smells?  Any word from seasoned cigar smokers welcomed.


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on larger ciggars ends are clipped or  opened using a sharp point to allow a smoother flow, small cigars are not usualy inhaled becaused they can be harsh but the larger cigars are much more mellow and can be inhaled easily. the only problem is large cigars are very expensive in this country so stock up when abroad! 
It helps if you light the end furthest away from your lips. That's about it.
I used to smoke when I was a teenager, but once I had a pull on someone's cigar to see what it was like and I inhaled. I went so dizzy that I nearly feel off my chair! There's some power in them buggas, I can vouch for that!
My wife and her sister are quite partial to a cigerello!  They are both bonkers, however.
Having smoked cigars for around 12 years(I gave up 16 months ago), I can say that I am 'seasoned'! Some cigars are closed in the rolling process, which is why the end can be clipped off to provide a clear path for the smoke.The end is not normally wet before lighting, but during smoking, with the tar and your saliva mixing at the end, it does become wet! Also a large cigar is naturally wet by the lips as you draw on it.The taste is quite sweet, but if inhaled, as I used to, it can become harsh. Smoking a nice, expensive cigar is a pleasure to be savoured, and this can make the taste sweeter, if only in the smokers own mind!
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How do you smoke a cigar?

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