Cheapest Way To Call Mobile Phone Number In Qatar Using Land Line?

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gordyagusta | 15:09 Thu 18th Apr 2013 | How it Works
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Any ideas?


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I use Planet Talk for my international calls from a landline. I don't call Qatar, but with Planet Talk it would cost me 9p per minute if I wished to do so.

Similar services are available and possibly one of them would be cheaper for Qatar, but I can't vouch for them. I've used Planet Talk for a long time and it's pretty good, but sometimes you can't get through when you want to. The main problem I have with it, which may not be an issue for you, is that I often need to use a keypad during a call (e.g. to join a conference facility) and, because Planet Talk uses compression, the touchtones don't work once the call has been picked up at the other end.

These days I use Planet Talk much less and Skype much more, but for a simple landline service, Planet Talk is fine.
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Many thanks Ellipsis, I had looked at several of those websites but was unsure of how genuine the small costs the claim to charge were..

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Cheapest Way To Call Mobile Phone Number In Qatar Using Land Line?

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