Scratched Bezel

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lazarusvault | 21:43 Mon 18th Mar 2013 | How it Works
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I have a figurine made of what I believe to be Bezel as a base metal. It almost looks like steel. It's got a few scatches on it. i was wondering if using something like Galv paint would at least give a visual fix for this or if anyone has any other suggestions.



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Bezel ? never heard of it . What is Galv paint ?
I've never heard of a material called Bezel.
Ive worked with lots of metals but never heard of Bezel.
Just Googled it, the only definition of 'Bezel' is 'The rim of a watch or jewellery setting'. There is no material, metal or not, called Bezel
Eddie, "What is Galv paint ?" im assuming the OP. means a paint that looks like galvanise, as we know, galvanising is just a touch more complex than painting it on.
That's what I thought Ratter. Galvanising paint is intended to protect Iron and steel from corrosion it is not used for its looks.
lazarusvault, the best way to get rid of scratches is to polish them out as long as they are not too deep.
If the item is valuable then don't do anything , polishing or painting will reduce the value more than just leaving the scratches .
The material is probably spelter, a zinc alloy commonly used for figurines, silvery when scratched, turning to a leaden grey with age. Most such figurines would be finished with a gold or deep bronze spray paint, though now this would cover any patina and make it look brand new. Filling the scratches is a problem, as there is an inherent greasiness characteristic to the metal. You might try 'Milliput', a model-makers filler.

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Scratched Bezel

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