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Kassee | 09:03 Fri 15th Feb 2013 | How it Works
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Some of my double glazing was put in many years ago, and one particular window I cant seem to secure anymore at all. I mean it looks secure but isnt. Also there is a draft coming in around the edges by this window. Can I use something to secure it completely - I dont mind if I never open it again. I was thinking putty would be a good solution - but has anyone any other ideas. It is making me a bit nervous as I am not secure and I cant afford new double glazing.


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Google double glazing repairs for your town. There is probably a local specialist who could repair it properly.
19:35 Fri 15th Feb 2013
Had exactly the same problem , the window warped. Until my new window was put in I used the sealer that you use around the bath and that worked fine.
Re the secure part of your question, does the
window actually lock but there is a small gap around it or something else.?
yeh bath sealant or a can of expanding foam,but don't open it after you've done it..
on some double glazing like ours there's a clip on the frame sat the end which latches onto the window. these corrode and break off so theres a small gap where noise can come through and a draft, you can get these replaced but you'd have to get a professional in to do it,
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KJN - no it is not secure - can be pushed open from inside, or probably pulled open from the outside, but it is not obvious to anyone from the outside that it is not secure.

So whatever I put in - needs to hold it secure - so it cannot be opened. Would the sealant do that ? Or would putty be better ?
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No it cant be locked and cant be secured at all.
Yikes. I'm sure I'll be accused of going overboard but if it's that warped I'd look into getting a professional to sort it out, whatever that entails. Insecure eh ?
When you use the locking handle does the locking mechanism move ?.
Tony mentioned the lock. If that doesn't hold it, I think I would go outside and drill a hole somewhere where the casement overlaps the frame (the edge where the seal is). Put a screw into the hole, and draw the casement into the frame for a tight seal.
Put a blob of silicone sealant or putty over the hole. Easy to find if you ever need to open the window.
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Will putty alone not secure it - when hardened. From the outside it looks secure and as it is on the front of the property - I dont want to be outside messing about with it too much - not to draw attention to it.
Putty alone won't stick well enough the the uPVC without messing about with primers etc, Kass.

Use standard Silicone Sealant squeezed from a simple frame gun (just like going around the edge of the bath)
I would like The Builders opinion on my suggestion.

Seal the window and fix one or two 'Sash Jammers'. User Recommendation

Hi Alston. Yes, a much better idea. So simple, and easily fitted.
Kassee .......... better than messing about with sealers etc :o)))
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Thank you for all your help - I've just got home having purchased "Stixall extreme power" which apparently bonds and seals virtually everything. Was recommended in our little hardware local store. What do you think Mr Builder?
This is a large front window I am having trouble with - the sash jammers look a great idea too. Thanks.
I was about to say.....Stixall, I think you will need a frame gun to apply the adhesive.

Kassee, I have to say, it would be a shame to gunge up a window that really only needs adjusting. Of course I'm only guessing that, but I'd bet on it.

Once the Stixall is there, it's there for good.

Wouldn't you rather order the fixings from Alston's link?
Google double glazing repairs for your town.

There is probably a local specialist who could repair it properly.
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Thanks for all your help, not sure what to do yet - at the moment - just hoping no-one notices the window is not secure. Will decide soon tho.
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Yep, looked up double glazing repairs on "" and a very nice local man came out and fixed it for £20. Thanks for your help - had no idea there were double glazing repair men Hopkirk.
Kassee, You did right to take the advice given by Hopkirk and, having had a bargain at £20, it is appropriate that you have awarded him 'best answer'.

If you have the time, it would be interesting to know.. What exactly was done to put matters right.?


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