Can I Retrieve A Thread?

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Kerosene | 21:11 Sun 23rd Sep 2012 | How it Works
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I just had a thread prepared, but accidentally pressed the Submit button before giving it a Title, and it disappeared off the screen.

Can anyone advise me, please, if it is possible for me to retrieve it?

Thank you.


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It's not listed in your Profile under Questions. Maybe you've lost it...
Check your profile for which threads are still active. If it's not there then it's lost I'm afraid.
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Thank you, Judge, you may well be right. So annoyed, it took me ages to compile!
It usually tells you if you have not put a title and will not accept your thread without one. So if you clicked on to the submit button before you found a title for your thread it would just disappear. You will have to do it again.
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Thank you as well, Mojo, I'm not very good at the technical side.
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Thank you also Starbuckone - what a pain! (Not you)
A post more than a couple of lines is best done in a memo program on your computer, something like Wordpad or Notepad. You can then easily copy it into the AB window. This method is also very handy when there is intermittent internet connection, either at your end or at AB. If you use MS Word you can even do a quick spell check if you're so inclined.

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Can I Retrieve A Thread?

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