Sending Jewellery to Australia

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Robinia | 13:12 Wed 08th Aug 2012 | How it Works
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Is it ok to send silver or costume jewellery to Australia? (Just a small gift for my granddaughter).


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oh, that's lovely, a birthday gift problem solved...thanks very much Toes!
yes and if you weigh it on your kitchen scales and then fill this in you'll know which service to use and how much you'll pay
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Thanks dot!
Insure 'cause if it gets 'lost' Post Office will only repay postage.
Make sure that you attach a properly completed CN11 customs declaration form (from any post office) to the package. Australian customs staff are VERY strict about confiscating any package without the correct documentation. (I once forgot to attach a CN11 to a book sent to a child in Oz. It was hardly a major smuggling offence but the package was still confiscated!).

Australia has NO exemption from import charges for gifts. However there's a 'low value' exemption applying to all goods. So, as long as your gift doesn't exceed A$1000 (about £675) in value, the recipient won't have to pay any charges.

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thanks beegee and Chris.

Whenever I've sent gifts to Oz the P.O. assistant has always asked what the parcel contained, filled in a form and attached it so I expect it was a CN11. I've never sent jewellery before so I wanted to know if it was ok. It certainly won't be costing over £675!
Thanks again.
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☼ ☼ ☼
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oops, sorry jno, I didn't think anyone had arrived yet. You must have got the space shuttle, the others will be on a £10 slow boat I expect.
Ere I am. Just left a long ramble on thother thread so tough!!!

Silver jewellery eh? I love silver in the summer and gold in the Winter!
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Absolutely freezing here .Bondi Beach will do nicely thank you .
lovely, sunshine, sea and yabbies on the barbie.....
By the way ,thank you for the kind thoughts for my friend .I'm sure she'll be fine .We've been friends since we were 12 years old running round the hockey pitches .Now we are old crocks !
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Robi this is OUR cyber Oz, so no sprds, shrks or jllyfsh
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whispers but maybe a jumpy spider to scare neti with eh?

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Sending Jewellery to Australia

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