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what..the? | 11:00 Fri 06th Jul 2012 | How it Works
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hello there I am looking at couriers to quote to picking up an ebay item and delivering to me (I've not bid on item yet). I have asked the seller for the boxes dimensions but they already say the box is heavy and I can't see they wanting to weight the box for me.

Are there any couriers people would recommend and is price based on distance/size/weight or a mixture of these points?


The item is not valuable so it doesn't need to be insured (worth perhaps £30)


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DPD Brilliant.
It's very poor eBay selling practice not to tell potential buyers how much the item weighs - I always list if the item is large or heavy.

Why don't you look in your local paper for a man with a van, that might be cheaper than a national carrier?
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by the way I don't recommend ACP, they have made a complete cock up of a number of deliveries to us
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well the item is in Rochester and I'm in Cornwall so I thought a national would cope better with that distance and be in fact more cost effective??
DPD is a national. Give them a try. You get a signature as well.
all you can do is get some quotes - I guess you could estimate the size/weight of the box by whatever is in it (e.g. if it's an exercise bike, the carrying weight is often listed on a site like Argos).
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thanks everyone
Somebody did this to me a few months ago. I listed something, collection only, and they insisted on sending one of these cheap couriers to collect it. I could have shipped it to them by either Royal Mail or DHL for about £20. He got it done for £9. But the point is, I had to sit indoors for four days waiting for these disasters to get round to collecting it. They do things when they want, not when you want.
what size is it?have they given you an estimate?lots of couriers on ebay are good for items up to 10kg
or put in the item and various companies will bid for a price
i have used 'collect my parcel', can be arranged on-line and fairly cheap around £10.00 for an average sort of parcel, they use DHL/City link
I agree boxtop. Going by my own experience, I would bypass a seller that refuses to give the dimensions/weight when asked. In fact, I prefer the ones that have taken the time to give that in the listing.

When selling heavier items, I put it on the bathroom scales and say so in the listing, they are bound to be out a few pounds but gives a close approx..
I use CollectPlus for a lot of the larger ebay items now, you just drop the parcel off at the nearest CollectPlus store so no waiting for collection, £7.99 for up to 10Kg. My collectPlus drop off is just 50yds from my front door .
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thanks everyone
Try Pony Express

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