when do the kids school holidays start please?

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I know different schools finish on different dates but could people please give me generalisations or the dates their local primary and secondary schools finish please? I am hoping to go to Blackpool Sunday 8th July - Weds 11 July. I am hoping to miss the children's holiday as I don't have children.

Thanks in advance


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Mine break up on the 20th July.
Your local council will have the dates on their website.
July 20th here aswell
My school finishes 19th or 20 July. If you go to Blackpool Pleasure beach it will be full children on school trips
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thanks everyone
Scottish holidays start end of June til mid August.
The following methods works for well over 90% of schools in England & Wales.

Look at a calendar and find the first Monday in September. The school holiday period will be the 6 weeks immediately prior to that day.

That means that Monday 23rd July (this year) will be on, or around, the first day of the holidays for most schools.

However Blackpool is historically a popular holiday destination for Scots (particularly from Glasgow, for some reason), which makes Fairycakes69's post relevant here.

^ agree with Chris, Blackpool will be full of the Scots at that time!
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Do we know when about's in June the Scots break up? In case I could move the holiday forward?
Hi 27th June is when most of the Scottish schools are off. The Glasgow fortnight is the last 2 weeks in July, thats one to avoid. Hope you enjoy your hols, we tend to go away round about 22nd June for a week to avoid the kids, We over lapped by a day and what a difference.
Mine breakup on the 29th of June (Edinburgh)
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thanks everyone xxx
We break up on 22nd June in Stirling-shire - and kids not back until 20/21 August so 2 whole months off - my childcare bill for my two is crippling :o(

We are not heading to Blackpool though so you are safe from my 2!!
29th June for Dunbartonshire.

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when do the kids school holidays start please?

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