Upsurge in forged £1 coins

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rov1100 | 18:29 Wed 04th Apr 2012 | How it Works
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A story in the news again this week about forged coins.

What is the difference between these forged £1 coins and the printing of money by Quantiative Easing. Both put more money in circulation and both hit the consumer.


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I am actually surprised that it is still economic to forge £1 coins.
Forging is for metal, printing is for paper. That's the difference.
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What I'm really getting at BM is how can QE be legal whereas the forgery of coins is illegal. The end result is the same, more money in circulation and the devaluation of the genuine currency.
QE is under controlled conditions (we hope) and forgery is not

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Upsurge in forged £1 coins

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