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xLilacFairyx | 15:13 Mon 12th Mar 2012 | How it Works
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views the page of someone with a facebook account, can see a photo and nothing else. Is there anyway that f/b member can tell that the non member has looked?


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no there isnt a way of telling if a non-member has looked. I think theres an app that tells you how many/who has viewed your profile but I'd imagine you'd need to be logged in for it to work.

Its Ok Lilac, you can keep checking out my FB page - I'm not over concerned about it ;-)

If you don't want people to see your profile pic then change it to something innocuous.
No. Unless you set your privacy settings to friends only or friends of friends then anyone can see them - you can't even tell which of your friends are viewing your photo let alone a non member
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Not me lol, asking for my friend! I don't have an account myself, and neither does she, she only asked me what I thought, and I thought I'd ask you lot.

She'd rather this guy didn't realise that she'd been checking his page as he's already asked her out twice...

She's panicking that he can tell she has looked now.
scratch that last answer - if its the PROFILE pic you're talking about then that's on view to everyone - if you want to be anonymous then use an avatar
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I will let her know - this was what I thought anyway, I googled it too but thought I'd double check....The guy is a bit of a creep and she's rather he didn't find out she'd checked his page.

Silly girl I know, but she was curious I guess.....
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No there isn't. The app that supposedly allowed you to check viewers of your profile was a scam.

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Non member of facebook

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