Getting revenge on an ebay seller.

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flobadob | 21:16 Sun 04th Mar 2012 | How it Works
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I bought a faulty item from a seller on ebay called tomtop or something like that from China or Hong Kong. They said they would send a replacement. That was at halloween last year. I now realise that they didn't send the replacement and because it is more than 45 days it is not worth my while opening a grievance.

What I am wondering though is if I went through tomtops page on ebay and ordered 100s and 100s of all the products they offer but then just never pay for them, would anything come from it? Could they do anything to me legally to get the payment? Or would it just be a nice revenge? I'd love to do it.

Am I taking it too far?


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You could always fly to Hong Kong and kill him/her?
21:21 Sun 04th Mar 2012
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I had a problem with an ebay seller once. I gave him negative feedback therefore affecting his seller profile. He was not best pleased but I worked on the principle that bad service deserves a public airing.
I would be more likely to pursue my grievance with eBay. Time expired or not. They have power which you don't have against him.
You could always fly to Hong Kong and kill him/her?
If you ordered loads of things and didn't pay for them wouldn't that just make you look bad?
Entering into a contract with no intention of fulfilling that contract constitutes fraud, potentially leading to up to 10 years imprisonment!
I wouldn't do it. Just give them the feedback they desrve and leave it and put it down to experience. If you can raise a dispute then do so but I think you may have left it too late.
It happened last October and you have just twigged that you never got a replacement?????????
When you give someone bad feedback, don't they just do the same to you?
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Hey Duncer, I never even thought of that.
You'd get 100s and 100s of bad feedback so nobody would even sell stuff to you, let alone buy from you.

I have found the Chinese seller fairly good on the average but you must not buy something from there if you can't afford to lose the money. Do not deal with a seller who has under 98% positive feedback, and always try to negotiate.

One annoying thing is that one firm may deal under many different names so even if you refrain from one, you may still be buying from the same seller.

Always exercise a 'buyer beware' attitude when buying online. The missus bought what she thought was a ridiculously cheap phone, but it turned out to be just the casing. The listing did state that it was a casing somewhat obscurely.
Not paying 1000s of times won't do your own reputation any good, eBay would probably blacklist you! Put it down to experience - you need to keep track of this sort of thing in future.
Ladybirder, eBay don't allow sellers to leave negative feedback.
Couldn't you just open another email account?
I bought something from the same people , took ages to come, It was cheap and cheerful,so was not expecting anything brilliant, took it as a lesson not to buy from China again, really not worth it. As far as revenge ls concerned my advice is put it down to experience, they probably would not send goods till funds received anyway so you will just end up with negative feedback and nothing gained.
Thank you Douglas, I didn't know that, I've learned something tonight:-)
I have purchased item(s) from tomtop on ebay and had no problems – I see that they currently have a feedback score of 99%.

I ordered an item (not from tomtop) from a Hong Kong based ebay seller just before Chinese New Year – unfortunately the item did not get dispatched until earlier this month and has still not arrived. [The item is of relatively low value – not worth the seller charging a tracking fee]. I have advised the seller of non-delivery (via ebay) and have asked for a replacement to be sent – to which the seller has agreed. However I have advised the seller that I will have to raise this formally as a dispute on ebay – otherwise (as you have discovered) I will loose any formal method of redress, should the replacement not arrive.

To be fair to ebay, within my ebay purchased items listings is the following against this item:-
‘Don't forget to leave Feedback. If there is a problem, please go to the Resolution Centre by DATE’

In regard to my item ‘lost in the post’, this may well be the reason – but the seller has a high sales volume and I think that they may have omitted to dispatch the item (with New Year and all) – of course, I could be a scammer, getting two of everything I order on ebay.
I've been there = I bought an item from China and it never arrived. Neither did replacement 1 or replacement 2.
Fortunately it was only for 99p. I put it down to experience.
I have just ordered something costing £8 from tomtop, I'll let you know if it arrives.
You cant leave negative feedback but you can press the Positive button and leave negative feedback anyway in big black capital letters.

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