driving licence photo expired - how do i reapply

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jewellerjim | 18:40 Sun 04th Mar 2012 | How it Works
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just noticed my photo licence has expired - cannot seem to find the forms to renew it ( all relate to renewing before it expires) any help?


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its all on the dvla website plus a phone number x
Do you need to renew your photo as well or just your licence. I've just done both.
Costs £20 go to the post office they have special booths just for photos for driving licences. Forms are available either on DVLA website or from the PO. Absolute rip off just for a new photograph.
IF JJ has to renew his photo he does not have to pay £20 at the PO or anywhere else. I have just done it by using a company called You take some pictures on your digital camera and email them to paspic who will then check that they meet all the stringent rules and alter them if they don't. They will then send them pack to you via the post in the proper format. They check your head is so many mm away from the edge, your hair isn't too far over your face, your lips are together etc. I can't remember the price but it wasn't as much as £20.
£4.95. Here's the link - the photo will do for passport and DL.
Agree with ninnynanny, did this in May, fill in form, go to PO, have piccy taken in booth, pay through Debit card £24.94. All done new licence returned within 5 working days..
whoo hoo good link x
Not sure what you agree with nimble. Is it the "absolute rip off" bit?
Look at it this way - cost of licence = £20, + photo-me booth = £4.50, + postage (1st class recorded) = £1.92

Total = £26.42 +

PO cost = £20 (licence) + £4.50 (photo & post)

Total PO = £24.50

To me, it's a no-brainer
Also, if you have been issued with a passport within the past 5 years there is no need to supply a photo - total renewal cost then becomes £20.

There is no renewal fee for the mandatory photocard licence exchange at age 70.
Sorry I put nimble instead of nibble. I read ninnynanny's post as she paid £20 for a photo because she says it was a rip off. That was what I was responding to, pointing out to her you can get it done for £4.95. She couldn't have meant both the licence and the photo for £20 could she or it wouldn't have been a rip off? I'm now confused and wish I hadn't bothered answering.

In my case DVLA sent me the form and a return envelope. Because of my age I didn't have to pay for the licence. So £4.95 + a stamp.
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but my licence has already expired!!!! You cannot renew what has expired at post office
Go to any Post Office and pick up a driving licence renewal form (D1). It should all be in there.
And whatever you do, don't drive until you have renewed it. Get caught and you'll get done for driving other than in accordance with your licence. And then they may try and say that you've invalidated your insurance as well. Could be a whole pile of points.
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it expired a year ago - only had it 9 years for some reason - so too late for that - will get it done tomorrow
A YEAR AGO! And have you been driving all that time?
took my own photos - cost: £0.
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yes - was supposed to be for ten years - only checked it this week and it had been issued for 9 years
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never mind will get it sorted

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driving licence photo expired - how do i reapply

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