calor gas in caravan

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old-wos-is-name | 17:43 Sun 08th Jan 2012 | How it Works
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Have been given an old caravan, which has a gas fire, a gas cooker and a gas fridge. I have found the regulator on the input hose, but doe it need propane or butane? does it make any difference, or should it work on both?


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We use the orange cylinder but you could use propane/butane or patio gas (green) although you would probably need to change the regulator which are about £10 from B&Q. If its and old caravan check all the perishable pipes as they don't last long.
trade it in against a newer model, nowt worse than an old van
Doedn't it say on the regulator?
Damn typos..
I do not know the situation as of now but the screw fittings were different for butane and propane so it was not possible to attach the wrong bottle to the wrong regator.
I would however get all of the pipe work checked on an old caravan and the brakes etc if you intend to tow it on the road.

Hi owin.....I think you have been given good advice by other ABers, consequently my contribution could be worthless.:-


Congratulations on being the proud new owner of what I'm sure is a lovely old van. Certainly get the pipework and appliances checked over, infact I would changed the rubber gas hoses as a matter of course. Normally we use the blue butane but we only use it in the warmer months. If you intend to use it when the weather is colder i.e 5C and below then you should use propane as butane does not work in cold temperatures. Not sure about the regulator situation as we only use the one type. I hope you enjoy many happy holidays in your van.
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thanks for all the input, I will check the pipes in daylight. I was thinking of taking the regulator and bottle off of the barbecue and connecting them up. the caravan was used until a year ago, and has been kept beautifully, so I would hope all will work as they should.
listen out for the BANG.
thanks, Alf.

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calor gas in caravan

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