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styley | 12:58 Thu 05th Jan 2012 | How it Works
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We have a Kyocera Taskalfa 221 KX printer. When trying to print a 12 page booklet using Microsoft Publishing, I keep getting a single sheet out from the printer with an error message. I have successfully printed the booklet out onto a Canon printer already but this means printing out the odd pages first then reloading them manually and printing out the even pages. Sometimes there were problems doing this if I was trying to do more than one copy of the booklet.

If I can solve the problem with the Kyocera it should complete the whole booklet automatically. Does anyone know what might be going wrong. I think that I am setting it up correctly in the print layout so my thoughts are that it is an issue with the printer itself. Also, the Kyocera printer prints out okay when printing double sided from word.


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"I keep getting a single sheet out from the printer with an error message."

And the message is a secret presumably.
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Well it goes

PCL XL error
Subsystem: KERNEL
Error: IllegalTag
Operator: Oxbf
Position: 9

Does that make any sense? I presumed this was too specific to haveany hope of getting an answer to be honest rojash.
Well, PCL is the printer control language (courtesy of HP).
I would guess at a bug in the printer driver.
Make sure you have the latest drivers for your OS.

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I have done that earlier rojash but I am not 100% sure if they installed correctly and I don't want to mess about too much. I might just leave it, thanks for the response.
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I got it sorted today. The problem was in the Device Settings in the PDL tab. It was set to PCL XL. When I changed it to PCL 5e it then printed out correctly.
There is acutally a newer print driver out now which is a multi language driver so to speak. is has PCL5e, PCL6 (which is PCL XL), and KPDL (which is Postscript) all in one. here is the link and it works with all FS and KM series Kyocera printers.

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kyocera printer problem

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