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Old Salt | 15:41 Sat 31st Dec 2011 | How it Works
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Has always taken several returns before all the stations are setup. But the past weeks I have tuned, and tuned, and tuned, etc.............. and always at least one or two stations till not found.

Usually, it is 12, 24, or 44; but others are sometimes missing.

Have e-mailed Sony, after antenna signal check. Using two other sony's and a sony DVD/HDD recorder (split between two antennas) and they always pickup all the stations.

Tried to manually tune, (manual instructions are a bit of a joke) but again, it just doesn't see the missing stations.

It really is a bother, as it is the set that the whole family sit around to watch in the evening.

Could sure use some ideas, otherwise will have to have a service visit.

Thanks for any ideas

Old Salt


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Quite simply, the 'sensitivity' of the set (i.e. its ability to handle weaker signals) isn't quite as good as your other devices. Call in at your local Maplin store, buy one of these, install it and retune again. (Important: If you're offered a choice of adding' or 'replacing' channels you need to select 'replace' as it forces the device to delete all existing channels and start afresh):
(Asda and Tesco, among others, sell cheaper amplifiers but they don't offer the same amount of signal gain).

What 'antenna signal check' have you done?
What amplification on the downlead do you have exactly?
A booster at the outlet is not good enough in many configurations.
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Thanks for the replies everyone,

I put a 'signal booster' on several months ago. It seemed to help until now, but the retunes have always been a pain, but only on this TV.

Got a proper antenna guy to come in and we did a thorough signal analysis of both antennas. The signal strength was good.

It is my opinion that the TVs signal input amplifiers need to be calibrated. It was a common problem when the sets were run with valves, and it required a very light touch and a lot of patience.

However, I find that modern electronics do not provide calibration points, and certainly the technical data doesn't seem to be easy to get hold of. And then there is the specialised test equipment.

I think I'l probably just get a technician to come and give it a look.

Old Salt
If there is someone nearby with a better aerial, take the TV there and tune it, then bring it home.

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Sony bravia KDL26L4000U

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