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Arti | 19:45 Mon 19th Dec 2011 | How it Works
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I've just bought a flat Samsung telly. The auto tune worked well except for BBC1 and BBC2, of which I now have the Welsh equivalent of both (despite living in NW England). I've auto-tuned other tellies in the past at my current home without any such problem. The thing is, I can't suss how to do the manual tune. I'm fairly familiar with the menu set-up etc and I can easily locate the manual tune, but all it comes up with is a table of Channel, Frequency Bandwith numbers. Anyone help?


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Depending on your area .. you have usually 6 UHF channels to put in (whick EACH receive a packet of channels)
When you do an autoscan .. it looks for all packets (multiplexes) and loads all of the channels within each one of them.
You need to scan only the transmitter channels you use for your area and transmitter. Post a local postcode, and I'll give you the list to tune to.
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Thanks, Albags. Not sure what you mean yet, but my postcode is CW1
I could get it better if you used a full local postcode.
Wrekin Transmitter .. Channels 26, 23, 41, 30, 44, 47
or Sutton Coldfield? ... 43, 46, 42, 40, 45, 39.

These are the 'real' channel numbers you want to manually scan/add for channels or check signal level on.
There are other transmitters you 'could' be on .. I just picked the two I thought. Others are Moel-y-Parc and three local repeaters.
Hope you can sort it with that.
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I still don't know how to tune. I get a list of channels and their frequency and bandwith figures. What do I do with these?
Well I'm certainly confused. Your aerial should be pointing almost due north, to the Winter Hill transmitter, but it appears to be pointing westwards, to the Moel-Y-Parc transmitter. As a result of that, the welsh signals are being recognised as the strongest, and provided to you as the default. I'd start by checking which way your aerial is pointing!
Are you not now digital? If so, should it not be your freeview box that you tune in?
The predictor on the UKfreeTV site is not great, TBH.
(Which is why one would be instructed just to point north!)

It's not a case of 'having' to point in a certain direction .. It's which of the transmitters you can see .. and are not obstructed by land, trees, or buildings.
All these transmitters are around the same distance .. but Sutton Coldfield emits the strongest power (approx 10x the power of any of the others)

The Wrekin tx (approx south) Group K 26, 23, 41, 30, 44, 47.
Moel (N Wales) approx West 45, 49, 51, 42, 52, 48.
Sutton Coldfield (South-East)

The Wrekin tx is officially a distant TX, which may not be usable.

So what are you on?
I also live in the NW and we automatically get the Welsh BBC channels too, my oh had to manually add the NW ones on our new TV but I have no idea how he did it.
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Well, I've messed around a bit and now have BBC1 and 2 Northwest........but now my ITV1 is Central, rather than Granada!!

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The Help with telly menu........

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