Neon light will not work.

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tonywiltshire | 13:09 Mon 19th Dec 2011 | How it Works
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I have a neon light in my garage, which will not light, it flashes only. Fitted a new starter no better, new bulb still the same, do I need a new unit?


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Are you sure you mean "neon light"? and not fluorescent light?

If it's a fluorescent light then it could be you've fitted the wrong size starter, it might be the ballast has failed(rare), or it might simply be it's too cold in your garage at the moment (fluorescent lights don't like the cold)
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Thanks Chuck, yes it is a fluorescent light, I thought fluorescent and neon were the same.
I assume you mean your fluorescent light.

If the starter or tube is not the problem then it maybe the Choke/Ballast has gone. Personally I would change the complete light.
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I will change the entire light.
Check out this recent question...

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Neon light will not work.

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