3/4 year old - Birthday present or money

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GrantA | 14:12 Tue 29th Nov 2011 | How it Works
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What is the average amount to either spend on a 3 or 4 year old child or to give in the birthday card.


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Most 3 or 4 year olds don't understand money, they would rather have a 99p toy as long as they can open it. I feel putting a tenner in a card is more a pressie for mum.

Depends how close you are to the child and how much money you can spare.
I would give a present or a token to be spent in a particular shop, that then makes sure the money is spent on the child and not on the mother putting towards something else. £10 should be sufficient.
what relation are they?
Whatever you can afford?

Maybe how much you actually like the child too.
a few pound coins and a trip to poundland... or in the case of a little girl a trip to claires accessories
alittle pressy for a 4yrold.they like something to play with money means nothing to that son is coming up 4 and i would be disapointed and he would if we opened cards and money dropped lil girl is coming up 8 and even though she has alittle understanding of money she would still be disapointed .
I wouldnt give money to a 3-4 year old in a card? they have no concept of money, why not ask the mom what she likes, most little girls like peppa pig and the like, it doesnt have to be very expensive, up to £15 quid will buy something nice
If it's for your child to take to a birthday party and it isn't their best friend or a relative, i'd either spend or give a fiver. At that age they go to loads of parties and that seems to be the going rate, you'd end up bankrupt otherwise. You might even get a way with less. A small toy or some hair things from claires for a girl or a couple of matchbox cars or something for a boy and just stick in a packet of sweeties and they'll be happy as larry.
I give money to my daughter for grandchildren birthdays as they are awash with toys. Last time she bought some shoes for granddaughter with it, so obviously money is appreciated.
friend's child ... nicely wrapped £5 - £10 with card!
family or godchild £20 -£25!

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3/4 year old - Birthday present or money

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