Flourescent Tube flickering

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WAZZARD | 12:42 Tue 29th Nov 2011 | How it Works
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How can I stop a new flourescent tube from flickering. I've tried two new tubes & a new starter. It is a 6 foot twin unit & the other tube works perfectly in both sides


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I found, just recently here in the U.S., that there are flourescent bulbs that only work with certain kinds of flourescent fixtures. I had an older "shop" light that was an overhead fixture with two 4 foot bulbs installed. After years of use, one of them failed. I bought what I thought was a standard 4 foot bulb (it looked like the remaining one) but it flickered. Nothing I could do would fix it until I asked the DIY guy and he immediately knew the answer... seems I had purchased a newer "T10" which was an 1-1/4” diameter tube, used in homes and commercial buildings. T10 tubes are a high-efficiency bulb with high light output, designed as a replacement for the older, less-efficient T12 inch and 1/2 bulbs. I had previously had a T12 and the T10 doesn't work very well in a T12 fixture and ballast...
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Ah now I understand. "the other tube" was an older tube. I was thinking how can someone try 2 new tubes which don't work yet, "the other tube", does. What was this other tube apart from one of the new ones ?

Worth knowing that about the T12 / T10 then. That said I replaced my flourescents with halogen.
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Many thanks clanad - didn't know that there were 2 types of tube - nor do quite a lot of Electricians here-abouts I guess
It may be the starter for one side. They come in different ranges, and it is possible one isn't the right range. Some are specific to one power level only, and won't work properly in other power fittings.
I replaced both my starters (the usual thermo mechanical ones) with the slightly more expensive (initially) electronic ones, of the right pwoer range, and so far, no flickering on startup or running, and only two new tubes in four years. The electronic ones wait until the heaters have warmed up, and the mains frequency reaches a peak, when they fire, creating a larger pulse to light the tubes. They then switch out completely, as the power level is now below the trigger point, preventing flicker. Only haveing to strike the tubes once also prolongs their lives, so more economical in the long run.
Hope that helps

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Flourescent Tube flickering

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