hotel stainless steel teapots

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kinell | 11:19 Mon 22nd Aug 2011 | How it Works
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why would you bother tooling up to make stainless steel teapots with an inherent design flaw relating to the single task that will be required of the receptacle?

some hotels still use these useless teapots that have a dripping problem when that feature supposed to make them fun to use?


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Probably got a job lot, too cheap to pass up..........
You could always put the milk & sugar in the pot then shove a straw down the spout and drink through it, that'll stop the dripping!
Not a fan of stainless steel for anything like this. Once rented a holiday cottage and there were stainless steel wine goblets- believe me that wine out of these things is disgusting. We had to drink out of the bottles!
In the beginning...manufacturers found stainless steel was very hard to shape, hence the dribbly teapots with next to nothing for a spout. What they didn't mention was that if you only 3/4 fill these pots, they'll pour better. Apart from being cheap, the excuse for using them these days can only be ''we've always used that kind''. Ask the question - ''Would you use one at home?''
Dribbly teapots aren't new. A famous example which seems to have been in use forever is this...
If the teapot has a small spout then rest the bottom part of it on the edge of the tea cup when you pour.
Less spills and drips
Never yet come across a glass filter coffeee jug that does not drip either!
My mum wrote to Tia Maria saying the bottle dribbled and they sent her a biro with Tia Maria written on it!!
As much fun kinell as the tele that's too high up the wall and strains your neck to watch!
^ lol did!
You have FAR too much time on your hands!

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hotel stainless steel teapots

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