returning body cream

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nextqueen | 21:59 Sun 21st Aug 2011 | How it Works
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i bought a tub of Aldi's own neck and decollete cream for 4.99. i have used it 4 times and for the last 3 a rash has developed on my neck, strange though how it didnt happen the first time. anyway, i am inclined to take it back for a refund but not sure if they will just say, its because you are sensitive to it but its not actually faulty so you cant get a refund. i could say that there is an ingredient in there that doesnt suit people and they may have to withdraw it etc. what do you think i should do, leave it or return it?


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It might a coincidence - leave it a couple of weeks, then try it again to see if you get the same reaction. I don't think you'd get any joy with trying to return it just because you reacted to it - thousands of people use it, it's very popular and they would argue that if you are sensitive to that ingredient then you should avoid it. It's not faulty, IMO.
I don't know about other products, but Aldi's own food products say "if not entirely satisfied, return for replacement or refund". Does the stuff you have say that?
its not their fault you are sensitive.

the cream will have been vigourously tested, and wont have anything dodgy in they will not have to withdraw it at all and they do not have to refund you .
Hi nextqueen

Have you recently changed toiletries, perfum, washing powder or could it be a heat rash? Best way to solve it is, try and remember if there is anything you have been allergic to in the past and if so compare the ingredients of both products or all if you can think or more than 1 irritant to your skin. If elimination this way is not possible then take Piriton before using the cream thats if you havent changed any of the above. If Piriton calms it then you have your answer....the cream.
See the link below for consumer rights.


Hope this helps!
If the packaging doesn't mention that it may have an adverse effect on those with sensitive skin, then you would be within your rights to return it.
Even if you're just not happy with it, see Aldi's Returns Policy (C) here...
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thanks everyone, i returned the cream, not much of a quibble, the assistant just wrote allergic on the refund form, im a bit concerned though that she isnt bothered it may be the same for others and should pass on the comment to hq. ive still got the rash today though this morning i did put eucerin cream over it which is quite greasy so that could make it last longer. ive also started wearing beauty by calvin klein, had it in a tester before and been fine plus only wore it 2 out of 3 days i had rash prob. i bought perfume online so makes me wonder, esp now got rid of cream, a process of elimination i suppose! i dont spray perfume on my neck though, only on wrist and clothes, ummm?
next queen...allergies are unusual...anyone can have one and anything can creat an allergy...

some people are allergic to peanuts...should they be removed from the sale?

the fact that you are sensitive to some ingredient is not the companies fault.

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returning body cream

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