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autobagger | 18:14 Thu 21st Jul 2011 | How it Works
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hi to all,anyone had a problem that your prints have a blue look,also is near to black and white photo,i have put all new ink in, also done all the checks from head clean to set up and still they come back blue but picture is nice and clear ,but crap if you no what a mean!!!!! would be most gratfull for any help. thanks


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Run the nozzle cleaning process again
I had this problem when I thought I would save money by using compatible cartridges. On reverting to genuine cartridges I have had no problems
I'm with Hopkirk on this one.

I've had printer problems where it has been necessary to run the head cleaning utility 6 to 8 times in order to get the colour problems sorted out. (That costs a fortune in ink, which is really annoying, but it's still a great feeling when it finally works!)

I never used refilled inks, as the shops I went to said Epsom inks were so cheap it wasn't worth their while doing them. Indeed that was the reason I bought an Epsom printer, I had been told their inks were much cheaper than my Lexmark printer. The Epsom compatible inks sold by Tesco work fine and I have never had any issues with my SX215.
Epson ink cheap? You are having a laugh.
I'm with Hopkirk on that comment!
Epson branded inks are one of the most expensive around. They are very good quality but a multi-pack(4cartridges) for mine now cost more than I paid for the printer about 15 months ago. I use compatibles from Cartridge World now.
But SpikeyBush is talking about inks compatible with a town in Surrey :)
Check your printer settings. I have an Epson Stylus Photo RX640 all-in-one machine, and I had the same problem when I copied black-and-white photo prints on to photo paper. They had a blue tint. The default setting on my printer is "Color" and "Text", so the machine was trying to print in colour from a b/w original. So I changed the "Color" setting to "B&W" and the "Text" setting to "Photo" and I got properly black-and-white copies.
i get cheap inks for £2-3 off amazon...and never have any problems. the sx125 is the best cheap printer i've ever bought! but...if you buy a cheap one for photo's etc. maybe they don't work so well?
No, I can't afford to print at home. Quality inks and paper are far too expensive and still don't get close to the quality from professional photo labs like for example and some others.

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epson sx215 all in one printer

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