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Greesem0nkey | 17:18 Sun 03rd Jul 2011 | How it Works
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Hi Abers

My wife and I and 3 daughters are relocating 150miles away to Cornwall. I'm currently unemployed, my wife is a house-wife (but will be ready for full-time work in September when all 3 girls will be in Primary together) and we currently rent a property.
Basically it will be a fresh start, we will both need new full-time jobs and a new rented home but we have no idea where to start and have very little money. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks


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There is hardly any work in the South West at the momebt. They are closing down factories and shops are closing down. Wages are poor here and the cost of living very high due to 2nd home owners.
Sorry to echo but the South West is a notorious unemployment blackspot. Always has been. It`s quite hard to find full time work. Everything seems to be part time. I don`t know about Cornwall but Devon seems to be becoming colonised by Tesco and other large supermarkets. It might be worth seeing if anything is opening in the area.
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Oh dear. Thanks for your answers both
if you are looking to relocate for job options why not find out where the jobs are - I can't speak from experience but the previous couple of posts suggest your relocation site is maybe not the best option
If you're going to be near the coast in Cornwall you might be lucky and at least get some Summer work perhaps - when are you moving?
It`s too late for summer work now and the OP said that his wife will be ready for work in September when the season is finishing.
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Well we chose the South West as we feel it's an ideal place to bring up children and we love the way of life there.

We'd consider almost anything to make this work
Try Australia Greesemonkey, in my opinion there are far too many people going for the same job in good old Blighty.
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I've tried that one Garmard, but the wife doesn't want to go that far! Grrrr...

Is there a lot of work in Oz then?
to be fair you have the whole country to choose from - what's your trade, your wife's trade? - those should be the criteria as to where you move (to state the obvious it's no use moving to Birmingham if you are a fisherman and your wife is a ski instructor)
Greesemonkey, I was brought up in the South West and you`re right, it is an ideal place to bring up children. My childhood was idyllic. Unfortunately the old days of farming and fishing seem to be on the wane and tourism is the main industry now. A lot of people that relocate there work from home in various professions or start small businesses such as organic farms or eating places. If you rent property and you can`t find work, then don`t be averse to moving somewhere else within the region to find it. You might get more luck in Devon.
Yes...I have a friend, one of many in Oz and they got jobs almost instantly, but you have to meet certian criteria to get in.
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Hi Carmalee.
I'm in Property Maintenance and my wife used to be in Admin but would like to be a teaching assistant.
in answer to my post 18.49 - why not research where your skills are required - am not looking to be awkward - just practical
There`s a bit of work around for property maintenance. If you`re near or nearish the coast, the houses get so weathered they`re forever needing to be repainted. There`s a lot of damp in properties too.
How about trying the local authority housing providers and any universities with large student housing stocks for property maintenance?

Supermarket work is a good possibility if you are flexible for hours and can sort childcare between the two of you - do you have any family down there to help with childcare?

If your wife does admin, could she do full secretarial work? Best place for that is in a city where you have a lot of offices.
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Hi Jenna1978
We don't have anyone to help us with childcare but I'm sure we could make it work.

Thanks to everyone, your suggestions and info are a great help
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