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Dee Sa | 14:56 Tue 28th Jun 2011 | How it Works
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saw in the Daily Express yesterday a whole page add re above you just plug it into your scart plug on your tv and it converts into a Frreviww tv reciever.
their website is and its says FREEVIEW DIDGTAL RECIEVER AND RECORDER.price £29.95
at the moment I have a Thomson digi box but it goes wrong a lot and now Top up Tv have told me they no longer help customers over the phone with any problems as they have done in the past not unless you subscribe to Top Up Tv which I dont as I dont think its good value for money and I am an OAP.
Please could some kind soul have a look at this web site and tell me are they complicated to work, and what are the pitfalls or dont even go there !


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I personally wouldn't. The recordinag capability is limited by memory and in my view not worth having,

And for the price you can actually get a new box anyway, from say argos.
It does not make it clear, but it seems this device does not come with any memory itself, so you will have to BUY some memory before you can record anything.

This memory would be an SD card (like used in camera) or a USB stick.

You would need to buy a decent amount of memory to make it worthwhile (at least 8Gb) which would set you back at least £10 more.

Once you use up that memory (only 8 hours worth of TV) you need to buy more memory.

I would say DONT buy it.

Far better to get a freeview box with a hard disk in it, often called a PVR.
I also wouldn't buy this item "blind", without a personal recommendation- there can be lots of minuses (like poor programme guides, small and fiddly remotes etc). There are two inexpensive Best Buys from Which? - the TVonics MDR 240 (£40 from John Lewis, Amazon and Sainsbury's). And the Dion VSTBAW 10 (£18 - no stockists mentioned).
...and , if you need to record, a PVR (as above) - Humax is a good choice.
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thanks to you all, I certainly wont buy now.

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no set top box

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