new idea or design for a common, longstanding product...where?

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joko | 12:15 Thu 12th May 2011 | How it Works
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i have a few ideas for normal everyday products - additions and enhancements etc...nothing major really but some could be a useful addition and i think people would like the option of having them....but just wondering how you would go about approaching a company with your idea?

obviously dont want them to just nick the idea.

for instance one in particular is to do with couches....(im not going to get into explaining it for your approval)

is there anyway to protect it without getting a patent etc?
would you just sell the design? or take a percentage, or what? havent a clue....



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I don't think you can protect any design without being granted a patent - people who have sold designs to other people (like the man who invented cat's eyes in the road) have lost out big time, financially.

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new idea or design for a common, longstanding product...where?

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