Authorised bank statements

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Mattk | 23:19 Wed 11th May 2011 | How it Works
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I have paperless statements for my bank account but have to provide 3 authorised statements for a mortgage aplication.

How do I do this?

Can I print them myself and take to the bank to be stamped or suchlike or must they print them for me (which I assume comes with a charge)?

Thank you.


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'Authorised' statements need to be supplied by your bank but without reference to which bank it is difficult to say if you would incur a charge (e.g. some offer 3 months paper statements for £5, others for free).
I needed this from A&L and they charged about a tenner I think
It depends on the bank. For an initial assessment they should accept copies, you will need to ask them. If you do need original, and your bank makes a charge, kick up a fuss and remind them that you are saving them money and the environment by being paperless. I know the bank i work for sends them out free if you are paperless.

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Authorised bank statements

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