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scottish12321 | 15:24 Wed 11th May 2011 | How it Works
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hi ive got a SLK Z4C spark plug and i went to a shop to buy another one and they cant find t and ive been looking everywhere on the internet can you tell me if a NGK one will do if there the sam sizes can you help me please thanks.


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Do you know original manufacturer of spark plug, or the engine it fits
Hi....what is the manufacturers name and whats it for??
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it says on it SLK Z4C
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I think we got that bit.

What's it for? surely you have a piece of equipment you want to fit it to, or do you just want a matching pair for the mantelpiece
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its for a motorbike its a chinese engine 49cc its a mountain bike with an engine in the middle so like a peddle and pop.
seems like it the equivalent of

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ChuckFickens it is to long its short like 12mm or sumthin i just want to know what make ngk does so i can buy another one

NGK plugs B4L BP6L BM6A BM7A according to this chart (SLK is the maker code for Sino it seems, Z4C is the plug)

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