choosing a new iron

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granny grump | 20:45 Tue 10th May 2011 | How it Works
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Our iron has just gone kaput and as it is ages since we bought a new iron and have seen 3 different ones and I cannot understand the difference
2 of the irons aqre 2000w &2200W but the oherdoesn't mention the wattage.All of them seem very similar with regard to the steam action.

I just don't understand the wattage and what difference it makes


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The higher the power rating, the quicker that the (same volume of) water will heat to boiling point, to produce the steam which you require.

I've had expensive steam irons and cheap ones and there seems to be little correlation between price and quality. My current (ultra-mega-cheap!) steam iron is at least as good as anything else that I've ever had!

To get loads of reviews, use the Amazon website (even if you've no intention of buying online):
(Look at the star ratings and then, to read all of the reviews, click on the blue number in brackets alongside the stars)>

Wrong (first) link!!!!!
....and most of Which? Best Buys are Philips.
With my recent experience, I cannot recommend a Russell Hobbs.
Tefal steam generator!! I would never be without one again!!
My only recommendation would be to make it a cordless one. It makes ironing so much easier.
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Thank you all for your help - just need to make decision then it's off to the shops

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choosing a new iron

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