Eastr Superstitions?

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echokilo | 07:14 Wed 20th Apr 2011 | How it Works
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My great aunt (95) tells me that you should not wash or let water run down the drain until after midday on Good Friday ... says this is something to do with respecting the Lord's soul and not accidentally washing it away .............. anyone else heard this?


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I've never heard that. Not wishing to upset anyone but, surely the deity is already in the drain and water as well as everywhere else in everything.
Not heard of that, but I was always told not to do any washing on New Years day? Apparently you'll wash all year round if you do! (Which I do anyway having 2 kiddies lol!)
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Thanks for your replies Have no idea where she got this from She is in the Black Country so perhaps its a regional thing? Anyone got any other strange superstitions?
Not much of an omnipotent god, if his souls can get washed down the drain.
Also, billions of people do let water down the drain, so presumably one person avoiding it ain't gonna help much.
But, let's face it: Easter's all about superstition anyway.
Have wondered for some time .Fella I know once told me his brother would not hammer a nail in on Good friday ,always wonder did he mean actually hammer a nail in or was it his way of saying that he would not do any work on that particular day .
I found this
so your Aunt in not alone!

These are also interesting

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Eastr Superstitions?

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