Homeowners Out Of Pocket On Fuel Bills

15:36 Mon 24th May 2010 |

When the weather is cold we automatically turn up the heating and don’t think about the bill until it arrives. However it seems that we can do something about the bill before it becomes too much of a burden.

As homeowners face another threatened rise in gas and electricity rates, Which?, the consumer watchdog, has said that "rookie" switchers, who are not normally mercenary in searching for deals, stand to gain the most by changing provider.

Research by consumer group Which? has revealed that only a quarter of households in the UK are "savvy" switchers, i.e., those who scour the market for the best rates.

An Energywatch chief executive has warned that gas and electricity bills may rise in the near future -giving the rookies good incentive to look around.
Which? estimates that following the most recent round of price increases, the average home could save over £150 on their annual gas and electricity bills.
"It seems we're a nation divided into 'savvy' and 'rookie' switchers," said a representative of Which?

"Despite gloomy predictions, people who regularly check out the competition are saving themselves a packet and rookie switchers are even more likely to scoop big savings, simply because they may have been getting a raw deal for a relatively long time without realising it. Switching is one of the quickest and easiest ways to save money."

There are some easier ways to save money on your heating and lighting bills. Some tips:

•    Turn off lights – when you leave a room turn off the lights.
•    Turn down your thermostat by 1 degree – this can make a huge difference over time.
•    Put on more clothes.
•    Make a warm drink or have a hot filling meal.
•    Block draughts under doors or around windows.
•    Only boil the amount you need in your kettle.
•    Turn off appliances if they are not in use – many electrical items use almost as much electricity when on standby as they do in use.
•    Stay in bed – this is extreme but can be effective.

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