Scotch Bonnet - flowers falling off

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Booldawg | 11:55 Mon 07th Mar 2011 | Home & Garden
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most frustrating. Have grown a Scotch bonnet on the windowsill at work from a seed.

Planted the seed in Sept and its now in flower. Trouble is after a few weeks the flowers turn brown at the base of the stalk, its looks like they're pinching in - then they drop off.

Think maybe these specialist chilli plants are maybe only suitable for the right conditions (uv light etc) if growing through the winter. The plant is in a heated room that is pretty much 20C even throughout the winter.

Not sure what is causing the flower drop?


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How often do you water it? Too much water is no good.
erratic watering, insufficient humidity, and turning the plant (or the heads turning to follow light causing twist off..... a full spectrum hobby light bulb to extend day length would help and is fairly cheap to run (they do low energy versions now)
Growing Scotch Bonnet Pepper ...

Covers all aspects of growing the plant ... free .pdf download. :-))
hmm ... download link on here
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thanks all. The plant gets watered once a week. will have a look through the pdf - thanks Naz.
I sometimes grow chillies on a windowsill, but I've found that they don't like direct sunlight, and grow best in my north-facing kitchen.
Woohoo, good news for the seeds I just planted in my North-facing greenhouse then :-))
If the flowers aren`t being pollinated they will drop off. If bees can`t pollinate you can do it yourself with a small eyeshadow or artists paintbrush.

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Scotch Bonnet - flowers falling off

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