Help - new carpet/sticky skirting board situation

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puzzled54 | 13:09 Thu 27th Jan 2011 | Home & Garden
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Decorated a room yesterday, skirting boards should have dried, and had new carpet today. Skirting boards seem to be sticky, although they had the right amount of drying time and now bits of carpet fluff are stuck on the new paint. Any advice on what to do?
I can only think of sanding it down when it eventually dries.


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You really should have tested before laying.Best to tuck the carpet under untill the paint is dry.The only answer to the fluff on paint is to rub down and repaint,personally I would leave it untill it requires redecorating again,it's unlikely to be noticed.
Although it can be touch dry fairly quickly.Paint needs about 10 days to fully cure.

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Help - new carpet/sticky skirting board situation

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