Tumble dryer tripping electric

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brenda67 | 20:26 Wed 26th Jan 2011 | Home & Garden
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Tumble dryer tripping electric
Hi all
I have a tumble dryer in the gagrage and has been working grand. Last night I went to use it and it blew all the fuses and tripped the whole system. Gave dryer a good cleaning as i usually do, used extension lead and plugged into kitchen...switched on and same problem again...fuse blew and tripped system again! Any help really really appreciated, not an ols dryer, but sadly out of guarantee.

B x


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It's probably got damp (as they produce plenty of warm, damp air) and is shorting the supply somewhere.
Theres prbably a short in the heating element. If you can switch the heater off try it. If you can remove the element and cover the mains leads that went to it try that.
We keep our tumble dryer in 'my' end of the garage too, which is always in use.

However, the last one we had blew the electrics & would no longer work. My husband couldn't find the problem, so we called an engineer out. He said that one of my bra wires has got caught in the works & caused it to short!

We had to buy a new tumble dryer.

Good luck with yours.
Our prob was water collecting in the bottom of the casing near the heater element, splashing up and tripping elec. Drilled tiny hole so water drips out (not much). No probs since. Don't forget, always unplug appliances if you're having a look.
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thanks everyone for the info will pass it on to dad and hopefully get sorted


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Tumble dryer tripping electric

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