What fuel do I go for??

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ukkid76 | 10:04 Mon 07th Mar 2005 | Home & Garden
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Hi all

If I wanted a new central heating system fitted in my house and cannot connect to the main gas supply, what would the best alternative be?
I am having a combination boiler fitted to my house, I have a three-bed single bathroom cottage with just me and one other little person, on average and based on your own experiences, what would the cheapest to run fuel be???

Uk kid76


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We find oil the best alternative. Once you have installed the tank it is the cheapest way, (other that maybe a ray-burn style heater which can run on solid fuel). Also we shop around every year - the prices vary enormously and we can always get our cheapest price matched by a local firm.

I know a couple in the same situation. They opted for gas but not the large Calor gas installation you sometimes see. They simply have 3 or 4 tall gas cyclinders in a small outbuilding.

These are coupled together by some sort of valve which uses the tanks one by one. As soon as one is empty the local merchant comes and swaps it out. So they have an uninterupted supply and they reckon it is the most cost effection option.

Your question has me slightly confused.  You say that you've decided on the type of boiler but not the type of fuel????

I'd guess that it's a straight choice between LPG or oil.

Either way it's going to be expensive especially as the oil market is skyrocketing again.  Just make sure that your thermostats and timers are as up-to-date as possible so that it's totally under  your control.

Good luck.

If you can fit a woodburning/multifuel stove, possibly as well as the central heating, you will have the chance to burn free fuel! It is amazing how much scrap wood there is around, eg pallets, and people are very glad to have you take it away.

They consume all kinds of rubbish, and having a heat source that you can use even if the oil merchant is on strike (or whatever!) is very comforting, especially if you want to be always sure you can keep your house warm for your little one.

Hi uk kid.

We have experienced LPG and oil in combi boilers, in similar properties to yours, and have found oil to be the most economical, especially if like cassimer says you shop around for the cheapest deal. Also had an old rayburn that ran on oil (converted). Wish we still had it!

LPG brings other problems, as you are tied in to renting the tank which makes changing suppliers a tad difficult.

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What fuel do I go for??

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