Fauly Immersion Heater - How Expensive to Fix?

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nx74201 | 08:51 Mon 07th Mar 2005 | Home & Garden
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The immersion heater in my hot water cylinder has died ( the mains supply is ok, the thermostat has continuity but the coil measures >2 MegOhms ).
Can anyone advise a ballpark figure that I can expect to be charged by a home counties plumber for replacing the immersion heater?
The heater is a "Creda Rehead" 27" fitting into the top of a "Hercal coil indirect cylinder".
Many thanks ...


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Probably shouldn't tell you this (apologies to all plumbers !).

The parts should be no more than �80 maximum. In my reckoning, from the few I have replaced, it is not more than 1 hours work if there are no problems. It is a simple job most of the time.

Don't know what a plumber charges per hour where you are - �50-75 at a very rough guess ? Maybe a callout fee on top of that ?

Ensure whoever does it replaces the thermostat at the same time as the element. My figure includes that.

But if you've managed to test out the wiring as you describe, why not have a go yourself ?

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Many thanks for the feedback BillyNoMates, I'm considering having a go. As you may have guessed my forte is electronic/electrical work, I've tended to avoid the 'wet stuff'!
I've been wary of tales of people wrecking the cylinder trying to remove a seized immersion heater.

I'm feeling that (a) it would be worthwhile taking an afternoon off to have a go and (b) I can call in the professionals if I do get stuck.

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Fauly Immersion Heater - How Expensive to Fix?

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