Electricity usage of light bulbs

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davver | 00:50 Mon 07th Mar 2005 | Home & Garden
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Would it use more electricity to leave a main light on - 100W, 240V - or to leave a 12W lamp plugged into a 240V socket? I know it looks like a simple matter, but I wondered if the different wattage actually made a difference. The lamp actually said it was 12W and 20V but I guess that 240V is still coming out of the wall; it just gets cut out in the plug.


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It's the wattage or power consumption that counts as this is basically what the electricity company charge you for.

So a 100w (w=watts) lamp will consume more than a 12w lamp. There will be some power lost in the transformer used to drop the 240V down to 12V as it heats up.

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Electricity usage of light bulbs

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