Easing out a screw from a man-hole cover

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Pasty_Queen | 22:25 Sun 26th Dec 2010 | Home & Garden
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I have a man-hole / inspection cover in the front garden that is proving impossible to remove, as it would appear the wrong screws have been used. It's impossible to turn, any ideas how to undo the screws please.

Thanks a lot......Sue


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You will have to wrench out by levering up the cover from surround with something like a bolster chisel .. or a flat blade. The screws will be rusted into their receptacles. Seal the cover down again when clean and dry with silicone, or replace screws/receptacles with new self-tap screws.
You could drill or grind a small niche on the edge of the screw and then try tapping it round anti-clockwise with a nail punch & hammer.
Just another idea to add ............... if the head of the screw isn't too huge, use a metal drill bit of the same diameter and drill the head completely off..........
Removing stubborn screws needs patience and a strong grip, because once you have burred the slot, its a devil of a job. I guess you have carried out the tried and trusted method first - soaking in WD40 overnight or heating up with a blow torch, inserting an old screw driver in the slots and giving it a few sharp whacks with a hammer - this sometimes breaks the 'seal'.
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Thanks guys. Once it's a bit warmer, I'll get the old boy to give these a go.

Thanks again.....Sue x
Hang on a minute Sue, you're asking the question and as you can see there's plenty of ABers out here to offer advice, some even know what they are talking about. So how come it's now a job for the old boy when the weather improves! This is the age of equality I was lead to believe, you girlies can do everything and all at once so how come you are opting out or are you carrying out that well known female role - the supervisor.

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Easing out a screw from a man-hole cover

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