Would a thin curtain over front door help to keep warmth in?

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CiderMonkey | 11:27 Tue 26th Oct 2010 | Home & Garden
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My nan gave me a gorgeous pair of long dark red velvety curtains. They are too long for any of my windows but would cover the front door. The hallway gets quite cold as even though we have a porch, it is falling apart so doesn't help much.
The curtains are quite thin, but even so, would putting them up help to keep the hallway warmer?


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Can you put the two curtains together? double the thickness?

Anyway, yes, to answer your question, any barrier, no matter how thin, is better than none.
get a special curtain fitting for above doors fits to the door rather than door frame so stops the curtains being draged when the door is opened. they are made to lift the curtain above and extend beyond the door itself to stop draughts round the edges
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I never thought of putting them together, that's an excellent idea! thank you!
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thanks also, rowanwitch, I didn't know such a thing existed! I will look into both idea, thank you!
I agree with B00 (Hello you! Long time no see)
We only have a tiny hallway (more a square really) and it gets freezing in winter. I have a thin(ish) curtain pulled across and on a morning when I pull it back I am amazed at the cold trapped between the door and the curtain, so I would say it's better than nothing :o)
Hey wingy, good to see you girl xx

my porch area gets ruddy freezing too, but being the tight northerner I am, I looked into getting heavy curtains to cover the door with in the summer, and the cheapest i could find were a tenner from the charity shop, so I didn't bother. Regretting it now!
Line them with those cheap fleece blankets as they are very lightweight but very good insulation....

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Would a thin curtain over front door help to keep warmth in?

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