full electric house costs??

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what..the? | 11:05 Thu 09th Sep 2010 | Home & Garden
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Hello I am moving into a fully electric house with electric underfloor heating and some sort and constant air flow system in every room due to limited light and ventilation due limited windows (house built into hill side). The house has been built with huge insulation properities I went in the other day and it was a bit on a sweat box in there. But I am uncertain on the day to day running costs for this size house I have read it would cost about £1 an hour to run the underfloor heating (not sure what temp), its a 4 storey, but small rooms on each level bit like a town house. I think the heating wont need to go on for a few months but when it does what with all in insulation i think it really wont need to be on all the time or at be on low. I also have no idea about this ventialtion system but I could have sworn he said that it not only brought in air from outside it heated in and then sent in round the house?? he said he beleived to was the cost of a light bulb or something to run?? and that it is supposed to run all the time.

This must all sound like rubbish sorry. if anyone can give me a heads up info wise or cost wise I would really appreiciate it. I already have a electricity monitor which I am sure will really help when I do move in.


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no previous bills as never been lived in before, new build
right.. an ASHP... I thought that might be the case.

It will all depend on what insulation they used - whether the UFH is wet or dry system... but you might find this link helpful as to how an ASHP works...


Your costs for electric will be to run the pump itself.. the electric doesnt do the heating bit.. the Air does this! SO yes it will be cheaper than gas or electric... since its using the air temperature to heat the water etc.

No-one for sure can say what it will actually cost - but ask to speak to the company who fitted it for some typical costs based on a dwelling of your size.
this could be useful too!

We have a ground source heat pump.. and although it only got commissioned yesterday - I'm quite looking forward to the smaller bills!

I'm sure yours will be fine... good luck!
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ok nosha going to read your link as my mind is just blown now, cant understand anything..... bring on the people in the white coats to take me away
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right I need to ask him if it is a ashp system, half the description seems right about bringing in air from outside which is warm or warming it and sending it round the house but i thought that the where it ended and underfloor heating and showers etc were separate run off separte electric?? If it is all combined and it is a ashp system it could be quite efficent.
Ask to see the Energy performance certificate as that will have an estimate of the weekly (or possibly monthly, can't remember) electricity costs on it.

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full electric house costs??

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