Sending porcelain plate by post.

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wiltsman | 13:42 Mon 15th Mar 2010 | Home & Garden
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I need to send a 31cm square porcelain plate by post. Any advice on packaging please, other than 'carefully'!


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lots and lots of bubble wrap
I've sent a plate before, you need to make sure it is tightly wrapped in bubblewrap, a large strong box, fill the bottom with squashed up newspaper and place the plate in the middle of box, cover around the sides with paper and bubble wrap so it doesn't move at all, this way if it is dropped it won't hit the floor as it is in the middle of the box, it will then be safe. Write everywhere you can on the outside of the box that it is fragile and you should be fine
I'd wrap the plate in newspaper or paper first before the bubblewrap, especially if the plate has a pattern.
If I were you I wouldn't write ' fragile ' on said packaging
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Thank you all.

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Sending porcelain plate by post.

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